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Traditional advertising is no longer relevant in today's economy. It's time to tap into the power of social media marketing.

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You may have the best products in the world for sale but if no-one can find your place of business sales are going to suffer. With integrated map solutions,EbizzMe has you covered.

Responsive Designs

Your customers are tech savvy and view their social media on many different devices. That's why EbizzMe makes sure your ad's will display on any device.

Build Your Personal Brand

In today's market. Branding is more important than ever. That's why an ongoing social media program is so important to growing your business.

Social Media Management

In order to manage Social Media You must first understand its power. At EbizzMe, We offer full-service social media management services.

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Social Media Advertising Services

Our social media advertising services are proven to accelerate growth. By advertising through social media, 100% of our clients have seen results at lower costs than ever before.

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Website Design Services

You need an effective website to get the most success from social media advertising. We build top quality websites that will keep your visitors engaged during the buying process.

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Search Engine Submission Services

Get found on Google & Bing. We provide manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, Internet Search Engines and Directories.

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 Reasons Why  Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

1. Your Time Should Be Spent Running Your Business.

Think of how many social networks exist these days. If you attempted to maintain an active presence on all of them you wouldn’t have any time to dedicate to running your business. The lack of attention would eventually be your demise and downfall. You have responsibilities that are more important that are related to the day-to-day operation of your business that command your attention. Inventory, Employees and the like are a full time endeavor.

2. Social Media Marketing Allows You To Build Your Business In a Non-Intrusive Way.

There are plenty of ways to generate leads and sales online. Email marketing for instance is still extremely effective and you can place your ads directly in front of your target audience with paid search. When a consumer receives a promotional email or sees your PPC ad they know you are trying to sell them something. This is fine, it’s how business works. But, with a well thought out Social Media Marketing plan you can market in a very non-intrusive and more effective way.

When done right, you attract new followers to your social media profiles because they are interested in the content you are posting, not necessarily a special offer. This is why Social Media Marketing is such a hot commodity these days. Company’s that have hundreds or thousands of followers that automatically like anything they post is like having a built in sales machine. If a consumer is introduced to your brand through a social media influence that  they follow, there is instant credibility established. They trust, and are interested in the brand because they learned about them from someone they look up to and admire.

3. Social Media Marketing Creates Supporters And Promoters.

As your social media audience grows, so does the number of potential supporters and promoters of your business that can introduce your business to their social connections. When they like and share your social content their followers see it. They can also tag their friends in your social content, introducing new potential customers to what you offer. This is word of mouth advertising that has moved into the online world.

This produces the same instant credibility mentioned above. When your friend introduces you to a new product or recommends a new restaurant do you question them? Not usually, right? You trust their opinion and judgment. This is why it’s so valuable to build a very targeted and loyal following on social media. A lot of businesses will focus only on follower count, thinking it looks impressive. Would you rather have 50,000 followers with a low engagement rate or would you rather 3,000 followers that engage with your brand on social media and spend money with your company?

4. Social Media Marketing Can Generate Leads And Sales 24/7.

The great thing about social media is its ability to promote and convert 24/7. If you have an online business it can drive traffic and sales around the clock, and if you have a physical location, it can build business awareness while the doors are closed. There is no other type of business advertising that has the reach and end result of Social Media Marketing.

All of our social media marketing programs are custom designed. An online e-commerce clothing retailer can generate sales at any time. So, the entire social media marketing campaign is designed around building brand awareness, while also pushing traffic to the website. A campaign for a local pizza place is going to be a bit different, with a focus on pushing location visits during operating hours, and building brand awareness and prompting followers to tag their friends during off-peak time. Even if the business is physically closed, the branding and promotional opportunities are plentiful.

5. You Can Create Real Meaningful Business Engagements With Social Media Marketing That Can’t Be Duplicated With Traditional Advertising.

Social media allows you to have a more personal connection with your audience. The great thing about social media is the ability to provide your audience with behind the scene information. Short Instagram video clips of office culture and behind the scenes information can quickly make a once boring brand into a company people want to follow on social media. No other advertising platform allows you to form such personal engagements.

When a consumer sees a media banner they see the company and the offer, nothing else. They have no idea about who is behind the company or what they stand for. With social media, you can tell a story that makes your brand appear to be more human. This type of meaningful connection is what turns consumers into life-long brand supporters.

6. You Get Valuable Audience Insight From Social Media Marketing.

A successful social media marketing strategy is developed through a lot of testing. It’s not something you set up, push a button, and sit back and collect the rewards. The information we can gather from Facebook insights and Twitter analytics, for example, can be used to not only greatly improve the social media marketing effort, but also improve other online marketing campaigns.

So much originates on social media — it’s a platform that your business needs to be actively prospecting in. Nearly every consumer your business needs to be targeting is active on social media. Through clever strategies you can place your brand right in front of them and use the available data to find out how they react. Social media is such a powerful measurement tool. If you aren’t leveraging its power, you need to seriously rethink and restructure your online marketing.

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